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wound testing in arkansas

Wound / Soft Tissue & Nail Testing

Wound / Soft Tissue & Nail Testing In Arkansas

Turnaround Time from time received at the lab: 24-48 hours

Using a panel of 40 pathogens, Natural State Laboratories and NS Genomics examines wounds to determine if infection is present and if that infection consists of bacteria or fungi. As with our other lines, wound testing reports include antibiotic resistance and class suggestions to offer physicians the best options for swift and successful treatment of the wound.

Nail / Fungal Testing


Turnaround Time from time received at the lab: 24-48 hours 

50% of nail disorders are bacterial and 50% are fungal. Natural State Laboratories  / NS Genomics' panel tests nail and infected adjacent tissue for 29 fungal pathogens and 29 bacterial pathogens. The resulting report guides physicians toward appropriate treatments.

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