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Toxicology Testing

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Toxicology Testing in Arkansas

Natural State Laboratories in Arkansas offers a comprehensive approach to drug testing for drugs of abuse. The toxicology division is home to three, state of the art, Agilent LC/MS/MS instruments to provide industry leading levels of detection with the confidence of having quantitative results obtained using the gold standard of mass spectrometry.

NSL’s toxicology testing division offers one of the largest panels available in the market, testing 70+ drugs and their metabolites. Not only does this panel cover the standard illicit drugs, but also includes prescription drugs that are known to be at high risk of abuse and drugs with traditionally low compliance rates. Routine drug monitoring gives providers the confidence to continue prescribing medications and creates accountability for those being tested.
Custom toxicology test panels are set up for each individual provider based on their patient population. Contact us to have our in-house toxicologist with over a decade of experience in urine drug testing, configure the optimal panel for your practice.


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