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Hereditary Cancer Data

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Natural State Laboratories uses cutting edge technology with NextSeq 550.

Ideal Testing Candidate (although anyone can test)
For Cancer Testing in Arkansas:

  • Three or more first-degree relatives (mother, father, sisters, brothers, children) with any of the top six cancers that are affiliated with BRCA 1 & 2 (breast, ovarian, uterine, prostate, pancreatic, and colorectal)

  • Three or more relatives on one side of his/her family who have had the same type of cancer

  • A cluster of cancers in his/her family that are known to be linked to a single gene mutation (such as breast, ovarian and pancreatic cancers)

  • A known genetic mutation in one or more family members who have already had genetic testing 

  • A personal history of cancer

Hereditary Cancer Test Result Possibilities:

Negative: The patient does not have genetic variations that indicate that he/she is at increased risk of developing cancer.


VUS (Variant of Unspecified Significance): The patient does have genetic variations, but these variations do not indicate that he/she is at increased risk of developing cancer.  


Positive: The patient does have genetic variations which indicate that he/she is at increased risk of developing cancer.    


*Results are not a guarantee that a patient will or will not receive a diagnosis of cancer.

What We Believe:

We believe that the future of cancer isn’t in how we treat it, but in how quickly we are aware of the presence and make-up of the cancer. Hereditary cancer is believed to be responsible for 10% of all diagnosed cancers; our non-invasive hereditary cancer screening can let you know if you are genetically predisposed to certain hereditary cancers. The process is a simple buccal swab provided by us, followed by next generation sequencing, an advanced technology that lets us to look at multiple strands of your DNA at the same time. While this test cannot definitively tell you if you will or will not get cancer, it does allow you and your health care provider to create a proactive plan for your future.



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