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Clinical Diagnostic Testing

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Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing in Arkansas

Natural State Labs' commitment to providing best-in-class diagnostic testing in Arkansas led to the expansion of our services. As a leader in precision medicine, NSL offers full-service, comprehensive, diagnostic testing, including chemistry, hematology, microbiology, coagulation, and toxicology panels. Our team is committed to meeting the needs of providers and patients across Arkansas. Equipped with the newest technology, we meet the diverse needs of facilities, providers, and patients who require complex, diversified testing. Our team will work to accommodate services requested to optimize care and improve patient outcomes.


Skilled nursing facilities, specialty providers, and general practices partnering with Natural State Labs value the compendium of routine and esoteric offerings. Partners can expect rapid turnaround and professional service with our dedicated Client Relations team. Our extensive network of phlebotomists and couriers provides hassle-free, professional, personalized attention. 


NSL can facilitate EMR connectivity to ease the process of providers' ordering and receiving results. This integration means clients can select tests and receive results through their EMR for diagnosis verification. Contact us today for diagnostic testing services in Arkansas - We are your full service lab.


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