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Drug interactions testing in arkansas

Pharmacogenetics / Adverse Drug Interactions

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The Key To Personalized Health Care and Adverse Drug Interactions in Arkansas

  • Have you taken a medication that may not seem to help?

  • Has your provider changed your dose or medication because it didn’t work?

  • Ever had a side effect from a commonly prescribed medicine?

  • These types of questions might be answered by pharmacogenomics (PGx).

Pharmacogenetics is the study of how your genes affect your body’s adverse drug reactions to medications, the possibility of a reaction, and its effectiveness. Medications are currently prescribed based on your weight, height, gender, and race. The process of trial and error to find the right drug and dose can be avoided with a simple, safe genetic test.

PGx is key to drug-gene testing, providing a guide for your doctor to tailor the medication you take based on your genes. Adverse drug reactions are the 4th leading cause of death in America. According to the FDA, side effects send over 4.5 million people to the doctor’s office or the ER. The risk of adverse drug reactions can be significantly minimized through pharmacogenetic testing. Pharmacogenetic testing through NSL can identify how you metabolize a drug and assist your provider in choosing medications best for you.


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