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Natural State Laboratories
Natural State Genomics

Natural State Laboratories / NS Genomics is a premier full-service lab offering diagnostic, molecular, genetic, and toxicology services. Headquartered in Little Rock, AR, we are proud to be a leader in the region, committed to exemplary science, service, and an ability to scale.

Since 2019 our lab has partnered with the medical community to enhance quality of life and outcomes. When the pandemic struck our home state, our team worked tirelessly to serve our communities, providing over 1 million COVID-19 tests from 2021-2022.

NSL / NSG specializes in precision science, providing patients and providers results previously inaccessible by conventional laboratories. Our services offer direction and hope to those at risk from life alternating diseases. Natural State Laboratories / NS Genomics is the only Laboratory of its kind in Arkansas focused on science, service, and scale to meet the needs of patients.

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Natural State Laboratories in Arkansas
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Natural State Laboratories / NS Genomics focuses on innovation and providing individual results tailored to the unique needs of patients. Offerings include PCR testing for COVID-19, AditxtScore™ for COVID-19, hereditary genetic screening, molecular based testing of pathogens and viruses with resistance indicators, and toxicology. Our commitment to science means you can be confident of our accuracy, while our service places you as our highest priority. Our laboratory uses the industry's most robust technology, allowing patients, providers, and partners easy, secure access to results without compromising security.

At NSL/NSG, we have specialists to get you set up and ready to begin testing immediately. We furnish and manage all supplies with a dedicated client relations team to provide personal service. We are committed to delivering professional, proactive, and comprehensive service for all your laboratory testing needs.



Natural State Laboratories
Natural State Genomics

Call (501) 753-0100

Corporate Offices:

1514 Market Street

Suite A150

Little Rock, AR  72211

Hours: 8AM-5PM

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